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So often, distraction and busyness block us from taking time to stop, unplug, think and repair. Yet, daily quality time doing this is possible, important & leaves us stronger than before.


It takes 21 days to form a new habit. In this gift set, you'll find 21, handmade, beeswax candles, a 20 Minute Candle base/holder, one book of matches and a progress chart to cross of each of your 21 days of use. Use one, 20 Minute candle each day and challenge yourself to see how 21 days of this time leaves you better on the other side.


From reading to praying, journaling, quieting the mind or helping you focus on a particular task for 20 minutes - you can use each candle whatever way will help you the most. Be bold. Cultivate quiet and renewal.  


Set includes: 21 candles + 1 base/candle holder + a book of matches to make this a complete set - ready to begin using. Candles in every set are pre-cut, for your convenience. Note: Packaging updates have been made. Each set now comes with a boxtop sticker explaining the purpose of 20 Minute Candles. Inside the gift set is a 3 week (21 day) card to mark each of the 21 days you use 20 Minute Candles.


Read the 'FAQ' section for instructions on how to use 20 minute candles.

21 Day New Beginnings Gift Set

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