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"When I Had...

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...from one to two kids, it became very clear that I needed to create in my daily/weekly rhythm to recharge. I usually wait until it's been weeks without any kind of a break, I'm losing my mind & crying in a corner when my husband comes in from work. But lately (out of desperation - just being honest), I've been really praying about how to create a healthy rhythm for myself so that I can be my BEST SELF when I'm with my kids. A couple weeks ago, I had a friend stop by & give me a much needed amazing set of 20 Minute Candles. My first thought was...

Yaass!  Every Mom Needs This!!

A lovely way to implement time & space into your daily rhythm - FOR YOU! The first time I tried it, I could't even make it through one candle. But I kept on practicing, making a point to tell my kids that i was going to have my "candle time" & asking them what they wanted to do for that 20 minutes. Honestly, It's changing my days. Every day when my daughter goes down for her morning nap, I light my candle, sit down with a hot cup of coffee, and take time to read, have time with Jesus, or just listen to music. When my candle goes out, I find I am much more ready to take on all the joys & struggles that the day might hold with energy, patience & joy."            Jordin, Michigan

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Top Ways People are Building-In Daily Renewal - 20 Minute Candle Uses

Send as a Personal or Business Gift

Everyone could use encouragement as well as a fun way to jumpstart, regular, quality time in our busy, daily lives. Co-workers, clients, friends and family--even those who are going through a hard "patch" in life- each candle will guide them through 20 minutes and leave them better on the other side. They will thank you for this unique and thoughtful gift!

For Quality Time Alone

Yes, the mind is amazing and powerful. Yes, we only have so many hours in a day to get things done. But what benefit would we get if we paused each day for 20 minutes to renew? What you possess within is what you are able to give out to the people in your world that you love and respect. Take a stand and believe these minutes are worth it...both for you and others. From reading to praying, journaling, being still and'll know just how to best use each candle in your set. Try the 21 Day New Beginnings Set and dedicate the next, 21 days to forming the habit of taking care of yourself. 

Daily to Jumpstart Your Focus & Inspiration - Successful Leaders Do!

Self-made millionaires spend time every morning to invest in themselves: meditation, reading inspirational things, calming the mind and making ready for the day, etc. Makes sense. Can you build it into your week this week, like they do? 

As a Time-Keeper for Kids

How do I help kids focus? When a 20 minute candle is set in visible site, the kids know they are committed to an activity or task until the candle is gone. 20 minutes of homework time, cleaning their room, reading before bed, etc. In addition to at-home use, teachers have started to use 20 Minute Candles as a way of focusing kids and tying that focus to a unit of time the kids can see and understand. One teacher remarked that her most distracted students were able to stay present during her teaching exercise with a 20 Minute candle. We hope these candles can assist you as you build-in quality, daily habits to your kids' days.

Stretching, “Unwind” or Yoga Time

Maybe it's yoga. Maybe it's light stretching to wake the body up or prepare it for sleep. Regardless of the gentle exercise type, we all want to keep our bodies in good shape, healthfully taking care of them as best we can. How could you benefit from committing to 20 minutes of gentle fitness practice each day? Forget the clock or your cell phone. Dig into this time, without distraction, and care for yourself and your body now, so your tomorrows will look brighter and brighter.

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